First Post of 2018

I've been quite busy as of late. Most of it relates to getting ready for grad school auditions. I've been getting coached on my monologues by the inestimable Kate Powers, working on my monologues on my own and with friends, and working out at CrossFit Kingfield five days a week. Depending on how far back we go, we could also say that my Simple Clown workshop with Jon Ferguson back in July, or my training with Mike Lubke in Stage Combat was also part of grad school preparation. Or, more likely, those are just examples of me creating my own MFA. 

In other news, I've been given an amazing opportunity by Shawn Judge, creator of the Artists 2 Artists program. Through this program, up-and-coming actors like myself are paired with veterans of the Twin Cities theatre scene. Lucky me, would you believe I got paired up with Sally Wingert?! Sally is great; a great person, a great resource, and a great actor! It's truly a gift to be able to pick her brain, talk with her about her craft, and I even got to sit in on a rehearsal of Blithe Spirit at the Guthrie. 

I know these blog posts aren't the most consistent and I'll work on that in the future. For now, just know that things are going good :)

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