Keep on Truckin'

Not a lot has changed since my last update. And yet, it seems like it has. The main thing that happened was my round of MFA auditions in Chicago. I had been feeling restless and dissatisfied with the acting work I had been getting here in the Twin Cities; I needed a change. After giving it some thought, I thought that an MFA was a smart choice in so far as it could help me to advance my career. I auditioned for Tisch, Brown-Trinity, Case Western, DePaul, American Conservatory Theatre, and Asolo Rep. I didn't get into any of the aforementioned schools and that has to be okay for now. There are three important things for me to take away from this:

1) White guys in their mid-20s aren't a rarity. Even If I was really good, it's still a numbers game.

2) I never felt bad about any of my auditions. In fact, two of them (Brown-Trinity and Case Western) went really well and I got put on the waitlist for DePaul.

3) I know what to improve upon for next year.

The big thing that has changed is that I got cast in W;t by Margaret Edson at Artistry. This is huge for me on so many levels. First off, I get to act with Sally Wingert! I saw her for the first time in Terrence McNally's Master Class at Theater Latté Da and was blown away. I saw her in a few other plays throughout the Twin Cities and, in doing some research, realized that I was a bit late to the game. Apparently, everybody else already knew she was a big deal. Give me a break though; I had barely been here two years at that point.

Another show I saw her in was And So It Goes... by George F. Walker, which was directed by the same person who will be directing W;t: Benjamin McGovern. Assisting him in directing W;t is Mel Day, who directed one of my favorite shows of 2015: Extremities by William Mastrosimone. Both of the aforementioned plays were produced by Dark & Stormy Productions.

I said being in W;t was huge on many levels? Well, aside from the awesome people I'll be working with (including Cristina Castro and Mike Swan), this play is very well-written and I have high expectations of it being a very artistically-fulfilling play to work on. Oh yeah, and it pays pretty well.

Another new thing for me is learning Stage Combat, specifically how to fight onstage with a knife. Mike Lubke was my teacher and at the end of our showcase, I was presented with a Recommended Pass from the Society of American Fight Directors

I've said it before but in this business, it's feast or famine. I was going through a shitty point in my career in the months leading up to the audition for W;t. I'm hoping that this is the beginning of a big ol' feast. I know that this all seems like bragging but I find that I'm able to keep it in check with bouts of severe self-loathing and overeating :)

PS. Speaking of overeating, I lost 40 lbs since September. Go me!

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