The End of My 27th Year of Existence

Since my last update, I was in a play called Celebrity Exception by Katherine Glover, directed by Callie Meiners. This play had premiered elsewhere in the country but ours was the first Minnesota production. Through the support of Arts' Nest, we were able to put this show on at the Phoenix Theater in May. We are currently remounting it for the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Once June came around, I started rehearsing in Minneapolis for a play that would eventually be performing in the small, lakeside town of Washburn, Wisconsin. The company was Sidekick Theatre and the play was Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Ken Ludwig. Brian Pekol was the director and I am very grateful that he decided to take a chance on me. Not to be self-deprecating but I honestly felt that I was the least talented and accomplished of those who were cast. Anyways, near the end of June, Brian, the other co-artistic director Tim Stolz, and fellow actors Sean Michael Dooley, Randy Schmeling, Tara Borman, Jordan B. Wolfe, and I drove up to Washburn to settle in for the run of the show. While there, I had a blast eating and drinking at the local coffee house, stuffing my face at the local Italian eatery, and I even did some shopping at some local arts & crafts purveyors. It was apparent that the local patrons were very grateful for our performances. Word to the wise: if you're ever driving up in that part of the country watch out for the deer.

The Ludwig play ended about the second week of July and I came back to my new apartment in Uptown. I had about a week free before I went back to the grind of auditioning. I had two particularly awesome auditions. The first was for Sandbox Theatre, a company who focuses on devised theatre (a term that artistic director Derek Lee Miller hates) for their upcoming season. I haven't heard back from them but I had a lot of fun and even the audition itself seemed like a small piece of art. The other was for Theatre Coup d'Etat and their production of Antigone by Sophocles. Theirs actually occurred before the Sandbox audition and it gave me the confidence needed to do the Sandbox one. This is important to me because, while I have taken a Devised Theatre class in college, I always feel a little strange when I'm asked to

1. Choose a text

2. Add Music

3. Add rhythm or movement

4. Use a prop 

which is exactly what Meagan Kedrowski, director of Antigone, required for the audition. I was scared because I simply didn't feel that creating in this way was my strong suit. I still don't but I feel better now moving forward. They told me I did really well at the audition and I felt I did really well at the callback as well. Ultimately, I didn't get cast in Antigone but I still consider it a great audition and callback. 

Check back in a few months to see my updates with my upcoming play The Oresteia by Aeschylus, adapted by Rob Hardy, and directed by Kristin Aitchison. 

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