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Since coming back to the Twin Cities from my tour in Virginia, quite a bit has happened. First, I was in a show called An Evening with Krampus by Sam Krahn. Next, I got involved with a nascent company called Hero Now Theatre, based out of St. Anthony Village, MN. This is a cool company worth supporting. It's run by the wife and husband duo of Kristin and Peter Aitchison, as well as David Severtson. They cast me as Wilson in the outdoor (yes, in a tent in January) production of Terra Nova by Ted Tally. We got some good press and had great discussions with the audience post-show. Unfortunately, they didn't recoup the expenses that it took to stage the play. So, if you could go to their website and donate, I'm sure they'd appreciate it. 

In February, I traveled down to Memphis, TN to participate in UPTAs. I got four callbacks (I have to give credit where it's due and Kate Powers gets a good portion of it since she helped me craft the monologues that I took to UPTAs)! The two most interesting theatres that called me back were the Hampstead Stage Company and Prairie Fire Children's Theatre. Hampstead wanted me to apply but they also wanted me to train for the first two or three weeks for free. Ummm, sorry but fuck that. I'm sure they do good work  but that's a joke. PFCT actually ended up offering me a summer touring gig but I had to turn it down, partly due to money issues and partly due to my feeling less and less excited about children's theatre. Nothing against children's theatre, but I find myself drifting in other directions, namely Shakespeare festivals, and I don't think that doing children's theatre is getting me to where I want to be. 

The only projects I worked on during February were A Drinking Game - Minnesota put on by Shadow Horse Theatre and A Midsummer Night's Dream (the event itself was called "A Midwinter Night's Dream") by Shakespeare. This was a Valentine's Day event that was product of the temporary marriage of Theatre Coup d'Etat and the Positively Charmed. I've always wanted to work with Coup d'Etat ever since I saw a production of theirs a few years ago and now I can officially cross it off my list; I was Snout the Tinker, if you must know. 

Sometime in February, I also got cast in a play being produced by Mission Theatre CompanyEverything's Free! by Sam Graber. This play came about after the Mission Theatre folks approached Sam to write a play based around the topic of homelessness and poverty. We are currently in rehearsal and I have no idea what the final product will look like but I'm excited to be working with this talented and inquisitive group of artists. Concomitantly, I'm studying the Meisner technique again in the classroom with Rich Remedios. This is the third level of the classes he offers, dealing mainly with impediments, doings, and character work. I highly recommend taking his classes if you can.

It looks like this year may end up being devoid of touring and that's alright. I don't know if I'll participate in the Minnesota Fringe Festival this year; it's too hit-or-miss for me. So, what's my next step? Well, my girlfriend and I are moving soon, hopefully closer to the cities, where all the action is. And aside from that, I don't know. There are plenty of options but the ones that keep running through my head are applying for grad school (MFA in Acting), targeting specific companies inside and outside Minnesota for whom I want to work (Shakespeare Festivals, mainly), or moving to a different market (Heads, Carolina. Tails, California). It's still too soon to decide and I'm still young. I want to do great work and make a living doing it. I'll keep training, auditioning, and mapping out the road ahead of me. Making friends along the way, hopefully. Thanks for reading :)

PS. I also got new headshots, thanks to Craig VanDerSchaegen. Check them out on my Headshots page.

PPS. I just booked my first industrial video thanks to Ruggiero Models & Talent

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