Summer Happenings!

The Third Annual One-Minute Play Festival happened last month at the Southern Theater. A good amount of gratitude goes to the Walking Shadow Theatre Company, who made it all happen. When I first heard it was happening, I wanted to be a part of it. Not due to any hunger for activism or because I thought the plays were going to be spectacular. No, I wanted to join because I thought it would be a good way to keep my acting chops fresh and also to network a little bit. Pretty selfish and douchey, right? That being said, what I got out of the 1MPF was a lot cooler than what I expected. Dominic D'Andrea was the host and organizer of the whole thing and he said that we were performing an "investigation of the zeitgeist". That phrase really stuck with me. Even though empathy is not a natural talent of mine, it did really help me to enjoy the process as opposed to the product. To think that we might be somehow changing things was really inspiring. Not all of the plays were great and not all of the actors were amazing but the whole was really greater than the sum of it's parts that day. It felt good. Side note: please check out the website of my director for the 1MPF: Kate Powers. I told her this already and I'll say it again here: I think she's going to do something important here in the Twin Cities (she's from New York) and I want to be apart of whatever that is. You should want to, too. She regularly studies with Kristin Linklater, for Christ's sake!

Now, this week began the rehearsal period for Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, presented by Apple Valley Live! I'm equal parts nervous, excited, and honored. The people I'm working with are extremely talented and I've wanted to work with them for awhile now. One of them even has a website: check it out! I've worked with most of them in some capacity since my time here but not all of them as fellow actors. In sports, we often say that a team will "play to their level of competition". It's not something I've ever done intentionally and my fellow actors in this show aren't really my competition but the sentiment still holds true for me. My director and castmates are really fucking good and I'm planning to bring my A game to give them what they give me in turn. The show goes up August 1st in Kelley Park in Apple Valley and continues on the weekends in August! Have a great summer, y'all! Oh, and happy Fringing!

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