Feast or Famine

As with many vocations, it's feast or famine in the theatre world. Either your life is a depressing quagmire where you never get cast and you have no talent, or you have 50-million projects going on at once. Well, right now, I'm feasting and I'm relishing every minute of it! The first part of my meal is on May 30th. The players of Shadow Horse Theatre's Masq will take the stage at Phoenix Theater and deliver 60 minutes of high-energy physical theatre, in the style of Commedia dell'arte, a form of theatre that originated in 16th-century Italy. And since I like to promote my friends, you should check out the websites of Ware Carlton-Ford, Billie Jo Konze, and Ilana Kapra. They're all really talented, smart, and oh-so good looking!

I recently had a callback at the History Theatre for Complicated Fun by Alan Berks. It's a very big deal because it was my first callback for an Equity theatre. Also, I had an acting breakthrough: the biggest reason as to why I bomb an audition is due to an over-rehearsed monologue. I used to beat the monologues to death in my apartment. An over-rehearsed monologue is like a suit that's too tight. It makes you rigid and predictable. Since coming to this realization, I've changed the way I've prepared for auditions and it has proven beneficial. Until next time, break legs, folks!

Corey DiNardoComment