Big callback tonight!

It's been a busy month as I'm sure it's been for everyone. I feel like actors always lead a busier life than almost any other profession, except maybe parents but all they get paid in is crockpots and bad neckties and what can you buy with that? Anyways, it's been busy and yet not busy at all. I've been unsuccessful in securing a day job. Or rather, my temp agency has been unsuccessful in finding me a day job. Temp agencies make it real easy to be lazy. Also, working on this damn website takes up at least 45 minutes of every day, not to mention writing cover letters to agencies, checking MN Playlist every 10 minutes, the usual, etc.

Onto my actorly news, cause that's why you're here, right? Well, I have a callback today with Peter Moore for Play it Again, Sam at the Bloomington Civic Theatre. I'm also going to be apart of the One-Minute Play Festival. I'll be on Kate Powers' team. From what I can tell, she's a very friendly director from New York.

Also, I saw Pussy Valley by Katori Hall; a world premiere at Mixed Blood Theatre. Very heavy play. The script and the performances were absolutely stunning, even if the script itself was a bit too long. Hopefully, next time I will have many good things of which to type. Take care!

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