NTC - Virginia Beach, VA

Greetings from Virginia Beach! Today is the last day of a three-week tour with The National Theatre for Children. I had an amazing time teaching children all about water conservation with the talented Ali Daniels. It's amazing how the skills needed for doing children's theatre are so applicable to other forms of theatre: engaging with the audience, being able to solve problems, being able to go from one extreme emotion to the next in a split-second, etc. Children's theatre has also taught me how to really value those "beautiful accidents". Those moments that you totally did not plan but they happened and they were fucking wonderful and it's real and it affects you, your partner, and the audience. One day, my energy was soaring during my downfall as the Pirate Pie-Rat (he's a rat and he likes pies) and I caught a teacher's face who was laughing, which made me laugh, which made Ali laugh, and it immediately took us off autopilot and placed us smackdab in the middle of the moment. Obviously, I'm not fucking suggesting that breaking character onstage is categorically acceptable  but that's just an example of a beautiful accident. It was great.

As much fun as I have had on this tour and the previous tour with NTC, I will not be taking any more short-term tours. If something like a 9-month gig at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival comes along, sure. But these three or four-week tours are a pain in the ass when it comes to finding a job at the end of the tour. Maybe if I was finding secure commercial or promo work or something but as it stands right now, I'm going to find a steady day-job and focus more on working more in the Twin Cities. Fingers crossed for more stage work and some commercial gigs!

Up next for me is An Evening with Krampus by Sam Krahn at the Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis, MN. It's being directed by Jenna Papke and it premiers on December 5th. Also acting in it is my tour partner, Ali.

Tour highlights:  Getting to see a production of The Winter's Tale at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA. Going for a swim in the ocean. Eating really good sushi.

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